Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco 1.4

Roger Wilco is a nice voice over internet gaming tool

Roger Wilco is a voice over IP application owned by GameSpy Industries. Designed to be a gaming communication device, it allows players to talk with their microphones to other players while inside the game.

Today, 11 years after its first release the application has given way to competitors such as Ventrilo and Teamspeak. Nowadays many games come with their own Voice over IP applications, but this application provides excellent quality on the Internet and proves to be competitive.
Since the application is very small, don't expect too much in terms of interface. Once you are connected to a Roger Wilco beacon, you can select a channel, where your buddies are going to be. After that all that you need to do is to configure a button that you can press to speak while playing.

If the quality is not good, you can use an audio configuration area, which proves to be effective, as you can balance bandwidth with quality quite easily.

The application has all the tools to compete on the market. However, given that GameSpy only releases the application in a monthly-fee bundle, the popularity of the application has dwindled. To tell the truth, more users now use Ventrilo or Teamspeak, so you are better off with either of them.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Stable
  • Low resource usage
  • Great quality


  • You cannot get the software as a stand-alone
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